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I have four clown loaches which love to swim around together all day. They are not shy at all. Three of them are only a couple of inches long but one is over TWELVE INCHES long and very chunky. Its the biggest one I have ever seen. Be aware that when these fish reach a descent size they will definitely require a large tank. Mine are in 125 gallon tank and seem happy. From: William

The clown loach, Botia macracanthus, is a quirky fun fish for the freshwater aquarium.

The fish was first described as by in 1852. In 1989, its scientific name was changed to . In 2004, divided the genus, containing 47 different species, into seven separate , resulting in the clown loach being placed in a genus of its own, .

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Clown loaches are great additions to community aquariums and get along with all kinds of fish. I have had 8 Clown Loaches for over 31 years now, and the entire school is 27 Clown Loaches strong. They live in a 200 gallon tank with Silver Dollars, 'Roseline Sharks', a Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, a Geophagus, 3 very large Pink Tale Chalceus and 1 Tire Track Eel. I've been running a 25 watt UV Sterilizer for 5 years now, but before that the Clowns would periodically come down with ICH. The only treatment I have ever used for ICH is 1 teaspoon of non-iodized salt per gallon PLUS elevating the tank temp to 86 degrees, and maintaining this for two weeks. After two weeks slowly lower the temp, and do several water changes to remove the salt. This treatment has always worked, and I have never lost a fish to ICH. From: K L

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Clown Loaches are some sweet fish for a planted tank or a bunch of other types of tanks. I have kept Clown Loaches in my 220 gallon planted tank for while now and am really glad i decided to go with them. Something special about a colorful schooling bottom feeder fish. (Cories would be in this coolness as well) Clown loaches like a little warmer temperatures and get ich easier than other fish. Clown Loaches , "Clown around"

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